1. Is the Company Licensed?
    The best way to know if a company is licensed  is through the business and licensing of  the department of State which can be reached at http://www.sos.state.co.us/biz/BusinessEntityCriteriaExt.do. Just enter the business name in the search box and click search. If the company is licensed, the site will give you all of the information on that business. If the business is not licensed, the site will tell you that the business was not found.  Our company has been licensed since 2002 and as an LLC since 2006.
  2. Is the Company Insured?
    The ideal way to find out if the company is insured, is to ask for a certificate of insurance. Once obtained, call the issuer to find out if you are covered and if the certificate is legitimate. We can provide you with a certificate of insurance upon request.
  3. Does the Company Have References?
    The best way to know is through the business’ website. You could, if there is no website, look for any online reviews or testimonials, as well as a complete list of references and completed jobs. You can find ours in our testimonial and reference page.
  4. How Much Experience Does the Company Have?
    Many companies will have a combination of different experiences depending on their staff. Others will only tell you about the most experienced staff. The best way to find out is to get a hold of an old contract, from when the company started, to know how successful that company has been, how long they have been in business, as well as referrals and actual jobs. We have been in business since 2002, with extra experience working for another company since 1998.
  5. Is the Company a Certified Applicator by the Manufacturer?
    We have to be certified in order to know everything about our products and how to install them. We are a certified applicator by Parex USA and we have provided our certificate of application in our gallery section.
  6. Get a Written Contract Always!
    The best way to provide a legal, yet great service, is with a written contract. It will describe all of the details about the job and any extra details describing a change of order and the amount being charged.
  7. Get an Exact Quote With Details!
    This is ideal in order to know what exactly the contractor will be providing. This will ensure no future surprises regarding low quality materials and workmanship.
  8. Does the Company Know About Stucco Permits?
    Only a few counties require stucco permits. Chaffee County does not require a stucco permit for any type of stucco.
  9. What’s the Communication Level?
    It is really important to communicate with us via phone, text, emails, or even social networking sites. We try our best however, most of the time, we are in areas in which we don’t have any reception or other means of communication.
  10. Is the Price Too Cheap?
    Quality versus quantity. This is the best way to describe how you should pay for the service you are given. You should know that the lower the price of the materials, the chance the quality of the materials will not be ideal is higher and/or something else is wrong. We provide, to the best of our ability, quality workmanship and materials.
  11. What is the Company’s Reputation?
    It is ideal to know the level of responsibility and honesty the company has shown throughout its years in business. Being mature about one’s business is a large factor in the business’ reputation. an example of immaturity would be bad mouthing a competing company just to increase the number of customers that go to you. I have experienced this and have been told multiple times that this is an often occurrence. I believe that this is unacceptable behavior and makes the offender(s) look nonprofessional. The best way to know about a companies reputation is through references, referrals, and jobs completed.
  12. Scheduling?
    This is, in my opinion, the most important question that I have listed. It’s good to have a well organized schedule, but we all depend on weather and other conditions to determine the dates of work that would be most convenient for us all. Sometimes, it is difficult to find a day that has good weather and will work for the customers and the employees. We will, at least, present the customer with a schedule and be in very good communication with them.